Download Microsoft Cortana Apk For Android

download cortana apk

Ever wanted to use siri for android? If you are looking for a virtual assistant who will help you to do staffs then you have come to the right place. In this thread we are going to share the leaked apk file of cortana.

Microsoft cortana is a intelligent personald assistant which is created by Microsoft. It was basically for windows Phone 8.1 but now it is available for android also. This is a leaked android version which is available to the internet at 18th july 2015. This awesome personal assistant was created after the artificial intelligence character in Microsoft’s Halo video series.

Cortana was available for the windows 8.1 users of US for a while but now it is available to all the android users also.

This Microsoft Cortana version has all the features available in Windows 10. You wil be doing amazing stuff with this personal assistant app. You will be able to set reminders, you can check weather update , you can check sports result. You will be able to ask to cortana to say jokes. See the screenshots to see the glimpse before downloading.


Download Microsoft Cortana Apk

Download Microsoft Cortana Apk


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