Download Asus Pixel Master App For AOSP or CyanogenMod ROMs

Download Asus Pixel Master App

Download Asus Pixel Master App For AOSP or CyanogenMod ROMs

Pixel Master App is an app from Asus which allows you to take awesome pictures. It will capture some awesome pictures. It has a unique scene-detection technology which will analyse the surroundings instantly, thus suggest you to best mode for your shot.

ASUS pixel master camera will enable you to take amazing photos at different time and situations. It enables you to switch in different mode at different time. ASUS Pixel Master turn you into a professional shooter. ASUS Pixel master app has won many people’s heart by it’s amazing features and UI.

ASUS made it initially available for the ASUS devices only but we got new way to use it in other devices also. If you have the CYanogenMOD ROM installed in your phone then you can have this in your phone. It may work on AOSP based ROMs too. We need to give credit to naved alam for this.

Note that you need to be on Cyanogenmod 12.1 – for the latest one which is based on android 5.1 – you need to have custom recovery installed too. Note that TWRO,CWM, Philz and Carliv will do the work also. If you meet the conditions then you can download the zip file from here.

download asus pixel master app

Download Asus Pixel Master AppĀ 

1. First download the zip file from here
2. Transfer it to in your device
3. Now reboot your phone into the recovery mode
4. Flash the file using the “Install option” from your recovery
5. Note that you need to take backup in recovery first thus you can restore if anything goes wrong

Note that there are some problems / bugs in the app.

Note that features are not working:

  • Panorama
  • DOF
  • Smart remove
  • All Smiles
  • GIF animation
  • Time rewind
  • HDR
  • Selfie

Things that are not working:

  • Auto
  • Night
  • Low Light
  • Beautification



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