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Instagram got a major update for android after two years. They published a blog about it in Thursday. It is already rolled out in the market. It is looks pretty clean and feels faster than previous.

Engineer master of Instagram Phillip McAllister said that they wanted to give a better service to android users. He also said that android is a first class citizen to them. As the android users are increasing day by day it is important for application developers to provide better application for the android users. Many new photo sharing application are getting popular in android platform. Instagram also supports video which is getting tough competition with the Vines already.Instagram update is already rolled out in the market,  So instagram had to think about the VInes also.

“This new design is both uniquely Android and uniquely Instagram,” McAllister said.

Instagram reported that more than 60% of its users are from outside of US and most of them are from android.

Instagram update 2014

Instagram update 2014

In this new update the size of the application is reduced to 50% of its previous size. Instagram is claiming that this new update will allow users to load their profile photo faster than previous.

This new update allows different sizes phone to have the button to change the in app settings and editing photos in different places in the screen. This new update resembles the settings in iOS app actually. You see, the blue orbs which is used to shoot picture is now available in all android handset. Main changes are actually the camera and the screen, It was quite tough to edit the fie in such small screen. However it is quite fixed now.

Profile pages remains the same but the divider disappeared from the profile. They introduced a explorer tab which is their iconography.

Besides reducing the app size they redesigned the app’s screen size also, Instagram is ale to detect the screen size now and it will now adapt it’s size in any screen. McAllister claimed that Instagram is able to run at 20% faster than previous. The profile tab also loads quite faster. In order to update your current Instagram , you need to have at least 2.2 Froyo in your android phone. Keep clicking.

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