Samsung Galaxy S5 can scan fingerprint


Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanner

Previously S4 had the option to scan your Irish. However , they might not continue this service anymore and might go for the fingerprint scanning. Different sources are saying that Samsung is testing a different types of biometic Scanners like the previous Irish scanner. Eye scanner is annoying sometimes. You might be in a cinema hall with low light but you need to use the phone badly. There are few other reasons that Samsung are leaving Irish scanner and going for fingerprint scanner.To do a scan they need to introduce a new and better camera for the selfies and another one for finger printing or for both.

However, the company president claimed that they are still upgrading the Irish scanner but they will focus to make finger print as primary option for users. IriTech Inc and Sambon Precision and Electronics Co are the leading bio metric companies who denied that they had a talk with Samsung about implementing fingerprint in scanning system. Apple already introduced their fingerprint scanning technology in the new iPhone 5s and other handset. Htc was the pioneer of thinking this system. However Apple released their fingerprint system before Htc.


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