Htc one max vs note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One MaxHtc one max vs note 3:

HTC One Max and Samsung Note 3 are the topnotch smartphones of 2014. These two giant smartphone has qualities and have some down points when they are competing each other in front.

These phablets are going to rule this year’s android market. Htc One max has the big screen yet the Note 3 looks more better. Both of them has strong specification to beat any other phone out of the market. Let’s look on how one phablet owns another :

Samsung Galaxy Note III over the Htc One Max:

  1. S pen stylus
  2. 3GB ram over 2GB ram
  3. Lighter than One max : 168gm vs 217 Gm
  4. Better camera than Htc One Max : 13MP over 4MP
  5. Removable battery
  6. USB 3.0 over USB 2.0
  7. Better Camera quality


HTC One Max Over Galaxy Note 3: 

  1. This has bigger screen than Note 3 : 5.9″-5.7″
  2. FM radio
  3. Has fingerprint sensor
  4. Exterior is aluminium
  5. Audio quality is better than Note 3
  6. LCD screen is better than Note 3 , which has brighter screen with better contrast



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