Best video compressor & converter for android : Video Converter Android

How to compress video in android

How to compress video in android

Worried about converting a large video to smaller and compressed video?

Want to convert common video to Mp4 or  h.264 or Mpeg format?

Video Converter Android (VidCon) is the most popular and free application for converting any types of video to mpeg4 and h264 videos. Almost all new android tablets and phones supports this application. I used it in my nexus 7 and Htc Wildfire. Worked like a charm. Right now this is the best and free video converter and compressor for android.

 Key features:

  • By using Video Converter Android you can convert Mp4 files to Mp3 or aac
  • compress big video files to your expected size
  • mpr to mp3 converter
  • convert video keeping almost the same quality
  • advance control panel for compressing video or converting video file
  • trim or extract the video by setting start and end time
  • extract the mp3 file from video file


Mp4 to mp3 for android

Convert mp4 to mp3

Video compressor for android

Video compressor for android



It can convert videos to these format also

  1. dv4
  2. wmv
  3. webm
  4. rmvb
  5. rm
  6. ogv
  7. ogg
  8. mpg
  9. mov
  10. mkv
  11. flv
  12. divx
  13. m2v
  14. mjpeg
  15. m4v
  16. avi

Download link of Video Converter Android : Playstore (APK)


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