Top 5 Best Custom ROMs For Nexus 6

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 is an amazing handset which is currently trending on the market. It has beautiful design with brilliant and powerful specs. This amazing smartphone has a big display of 6 inch with 493 PPI pixel. It has a resolution of 1440×2560. It is powered with Quad-core 2.7 GHz krait 450. It has a 3 GB RAM too. This powerful beast has the ability to run very smoothly and can possess really beautiful graphics.

If you are a pro android user and loves to root , install custom ROMs then you might be interested in this thread. If you want to install custom ROMs in your Nexus 6 then this list of custom ROMs might be very handy to you. We are going to share the best custom ROMs for nexus 6 . Read the details and features to see the best fit for your Nexus 6.

Best Custom ROMs For Nexus 6


rastapop for Nexus 6 custom ROM

Rastapop is an amazing custom ROM based on Lollipop 5.0 for the Nexus 6 users. This developer team has been working a lot to put good works on the table. This is basically based on the AOSP code. It also uses some of the codes from the cyanogenmod and adds some new features from it’s own. It might not have a big list of features but surely it has the important

features. Best part of this custom ROM for Nexus 6 is that it is not bloated with unwanted apps which makes it an amazing simple and powerful custom ROM for Nexus 6.

It is running in a nightly phase. It is a stable and very powerful custom ROM for Nexus 6. There are many features but we will mention some of the important ones.


  • Control brightness from the status bar
  • Battery percentage on the bar
  • Volume key features
  • Kill button support
  • Advanced Reboot menu


Installation Process


OmniROM For Nexus 6

OmniROM on Google Nexus 6

OmniROM an another custom ROm for Nexus 6 which is based on AOSP. It is actually developed from famous cyanogen MOD ROM which pulls of some amazing brilliant features. This is a lightweight custom ROm which fits perfectly with the Nexus 6. However, it has some amazing notable features.


  • Flick2Wake and Flick2Sleep: These amazing features can be found and activated at the advanced settings of this ROM. If you turn these option, you are able to power on the device by simply flicking the wrist.
  • Google apps package come sin various formats – Google Stock Package, FUll modular Package, Mini Modular, Macro Module Modular Packages.

Download Files : ROMS Gapps : How To Install




SLIMLP has been a very popular ROM for android smartphone till it released. it is followed by the Kitkat and now they have made it in Lollipop. The developer team behind this ream is now rooting for a more powerful custom ROM. This is a very good custom rom for the Nexus 6. This custom ROM’s main feature that it is very simple. Even though it is simple yet it is packed with many features. This SlimLP is based on AOSP code and has lost many bloatware. It also has some addons which might be handy in many times. It is now available as Alpha version.


  • SlimLP themed icons
  • AudioFX – An audio engine for enhanced audio experience
  • Highly customizable Messaging app
  • Advanced reboot menu
  • Privacy guard – Manage per-app permissions
  • Lockscreen shortcuts
  • Ambient display
  • Various volume key features
  • Heads up mods (Snoozer and time out)
  • Battery light mods
  • Double-tap to sleep (DT2W)
  • Brightness control and several other status bar mods
  • Dialler tweaks

Download: ROM | Gapps | How to Install XDA Thread


CyanogenMod 12

CyanogenMod 12

CyanogenMOD is one of the best and old custom ROMs in the market. It is now available for the Nexus 6 via XDA developers. It is known for it’s minimal nature and precise fetures. it offers full control over the device. They are veyr popular and they are bringing it’s own version of Android OS. It has it’s own official devile : OnePlus One.

Even though this CM12 is still not available for the Nexus 6 yet but the developers at XDA forum has already made it available for the Nexus 6. It has basic and powerful features like custom profiles, ambient display, wallpapers, file manager and more more functions.



Euphoria OS

EuPhoria ROM For Nexus 6

Euphoria OS is an very popular custom ROM for android which has many features. It is a stable custom ROM for Nexus 6. It is very smooth and it’s a flexible RAM for Nexus 6. It has one simple bug that data on sprint is not working. However, it can be fixed by flashing while the initial flashing process.

A few features of EUPHORIA OS:

  • Privacy Guard with App Ops control
  • In-built call blocking feature for calls and SMS
  • Custom features in Messaging
  • Superuser
  • Advanced reboot menu
  • ADB tweaks
  • D2TW
  • Custom profiles
  • Ascending ringtone feature
  • DSP Manager
  • Volume key mods



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