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A list of major companies worth less than WhatsApp

  Today Facebook officially announced the acquisition of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an instant messaging and photo sharing application which is getting popular each and everyday while holding about 450 million active users per day. WhatsApp started it’s operation back in 2009 and raised only $8 million. Over the time they have become one of the biggest […]

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Review : Galaxy Tab Pro 8 .4

  Even though the market is getting more tougher for the newbies but the giants kept waving their flags in the sky.  The big Korean mobile giant Samsung is releasing such a product named Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4” to delight your moments always and to make their flag clear within the crowds. Samsung officially […]

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Nokia’s android phone will cost $110

  Right now one of the most talked topics is that Nokia is bringing an android phone into the market which is quite cheap as $110. Even though the specification of Nokia “NORMANDY” will not be that higher however it’s Nokia. Before you get too excited you need to know that you will not able […]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 can scan fingerprint

  Previously S4 had the option to scan your Irish. However , they might not continue this service anymore and might go for the fingerprint scanning. Different sources are saying that Samsung is testing a different types of biometic Scanners like the previous Irish scanner. Eye scanner is annoying sometimes. You might be in a cinema […]

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Htc one max vs note 3

  Htc one max vs note 3: HTC One Max and Samsung Note 3 are the topnotch smartphones of 2014. These two giant smartphone has qualities and have some down points when they are competing each other in front. These phablets are going to rule this year’s android market. Htc One max has the big […]

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Samsung Galaxy grand 2 review

  SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND 2 Review A new year 2014 has started. So, all the telecom companies are going to release their new products very soon. By this time, Korean Big Mobile Giant already released the GALAXY GRAND ll after the huge selling success of GALAXY GRAND. This is yet to be happened that the […]

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