Best app to take selfies

Selfies is a self-portrait photograph which is becoming popular everyday. Selfies are mainly share on different social networks like facebook,twitter,instagram,snapchat and twitter. Since the emerging popularity of selfie , many apps were invented to take and modify better selfies.

Best app to take selfies


#1. Pocketbooth ($1.99)

This is most one of the best app to take selfies on your android or iOS device. This app turns your android device into an quality selfie making tool. This is basically a vintage photobooth application

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Best app to take selfie

Best app to take selfie

#2. Selfie Camera App (FREE)

Selfie Camera App is an app which allows users to to take photos of themselves and friends. These photos can be share instantly with the different social networking sites. This app takes selfies with your front camera meaning it will automatically open the front camera when you start the app.

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Best app to take selfies

Shots: App to take selfie

#3. Shots (FREE)

Shots is funny application where you can share your selfies. You can communicate with your friends by using their reply shot feature to respond to a shot or you can even chat with them in private.

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Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder

#4.PhotoWonder  (FREE)

One of the most popular application fro photo editing and making quality selfie pictures. It is among the top 5 photo editing apps in google play. It has filter camera which can take artistic photos. Through the diting option you canc rop and rotate or change the tone of the color. You can use the preset by this application to auto edit the picture. This app can make collage photos as well. So if you are looking for and android which can make collage photos than it might help you as well. So for collage selfie making this app can help you.

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Best app to take selfies


#5. Facetune ($2.82)

Facetune is like a small version of Photoshop for your phone. It has some features which will help you to make your selfies better than expected. It can be done with just a swipe of finger. It is a paid app which will cost you $2.82

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