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It sucks to use a slow android handset. I used to own a HTC wildfire handset which was super slow because of the bloatwares. Google is always trying there best to provide smooth service to the users. Android is basically very fast but there some reasons which made this very slow. Smartphones should be fast , so that we can use it easily. If you are using Nexus handsets or stock ROM than you are getting smooth performances.

Why my Handset is slow?

There are various reasons why our handsets are slow and one of them is bloatware. Bloatwares makes it slow and they use the useful resources to keep them working.

What is Bloatware?

OEM’s and carriers try to provide some junk apps into the handset with the android OS to promote there marketing promotions or other options. This makes your handset slow and these bloatwares uses your valuable resources. There are bloatwares which is is totally irrelevant for your use like a bloatware map. We already have Google Map , means we don’t need other map. Google Map is good enough for us. There are other bloatware like “stock market” which might not be required by you.

Why Should I get rid of Bloatwares?

By removing bloatwares it will make your handset more fast and stable. You will have increased storage , reduced ram usage. These will reduce pressure on your handset’s processor also.

How to uninstall Bloatwares? What is best bloatware removal tool for android?

Looking for bloatware remover tool for android? Well, even though there is an option to disable the system app but it might be hectic task to disable all the system apps / bloatwares by manually doing it. That is why you need to use the system that we are going to show to disable all the bloatwares on your android device in minutes. Credits for this tutorial goes to gatesjunior. Go through the steps and you will be fine. Let’s see the features first:

  1. Disable bloatwares on your android device
  2. Enable applications on your android device
  3. Disable/Enable all the apps on android device
  4. Exporting/importing blocked/unblocked listing to a file
  5. Allows to delete the bloatwares from android (you can save the apk or data in backup in case you need them back)


  • This debloatware tool is compatible with Windows OS.
  • At first you have to enable the USB debugging.
  • You have to have the device drivers installed


You have to use KitKat or above to avoid rooting. However if you want to remove the bloatwares permanently than you have to root your device. If you just want to disable the bloatwares only than you don’t need rooted device. However, it is not lollipop friendly yet. If you are on lollipop than you need to have a rooted device.


This tool is easy to use and we will show you a video at the end of this post. One thing to remember is that you need to help the application to identify the bloatwares. After opening the application it will show you a warning message of the consequences of the tool. Now, hit the READ DEVICE’s PACKAGES BUTTON and you will see the apps installed on your device. Now, choose the apps that you want to delete or disable and click the apply button. Thus you will be removing the junk apps or bloatwares from your android device. This is the best bloatware remover tool for android.

Download the software from here: CLICK HERE | Mirror Link

Bloatware remover tool

Video Tutorial


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[…] Most of the manufacturers installs their apps on android phone. There are called junk app or bloatwares apps which comes as pre-installed. However most of the times these apps are not useful to us. Think about HTC where they comes up with a bloatware app named Stock. It might be useful to people who are investing on stock but not for me. Like this app there are some junk apps which need to be deleted to save storage and to speed up the phone. You can follow these steps provided below to disable the junk apps or follow this BLOATWARE REMOVER TOOL FOR ANDROID. […]


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