Games Like MineCraft for Android

Games Like Minecraft for Android

Do you like Minecraft? Want to play games like minecraft? Looking for something which looks like minecraft on android? or iPad? Well these games are like minecraft which are available for android and iOS. Most of the games are paid but they are worthy of it. Some of these games have slightly different gameplay than minecraft but they are similar. You will be loving this games if you are a fan of minecraft. See the details and the screenshot and then the trailer to understand whether these game suits you or not.

Games Like MineCraft for Android

1. Terraria $4.65

Terraria : Games like minecraft
This game is like minecraft and it is available for Android and iOS also. It is an action adventure sandbox indie video game series which is available on multiple platform. You have to customize your sprite character, then it will dump you in a colorful surface of pixeleted world with few tools. You will be able to build stuff and explore the terrain. You will be fighting monsters. You will be building stuffs. There are monsters who will attack you in night at dungeons and in corrupted dungeons. Dig ,build and prepare for battle !!!


terraria games like minecraft for android


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 #2. Block Story (Free & Premium)

In BlockStory you will be building vast landscapes where you will be in the controlling position. You will decide the building process. You will be flying on the dragons and other creatures as you will be on a quest to save the world. You will use 3D blocks to build the world. In this sandbox exploration gameplay you will be exploring a vast world.


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#3. SurvivalCraft:

SurvivalCraft Games like minecraft

Survivalcraft is a very popular and alternative of minecraft game. Here you can explore, use weapons ,hunt or grow plants. You can  built shelter to survive the nights. You can even share your worlds online with people. Funny thing is that you can ride horses or camels or hear cattle also. This is available for android and iPad.iOS

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 #4. Delver ($1.99)


It’s a first person game which features pixels. You are an adventurer who travels dungeons. You will be fighting monsters, looting and exploring.

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#5. Adventure with Companions (0.99)

adventure with companions

It’s a cool game where you will be placing blocks with other people to build cool buildings. You will be mining caves also. You will be meeting new friends and you will be able to chat witht them and make new creations.

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I hope you liked the article about games like minecraft for android. If you have any suggestions than please leave them in the comments. Let’s explore, travel, build stuffs.


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