Download Android M Stock Wallpaper

Google has been trying their best to renovate the mobile industry in a good way. They are always innovating and bringing their new features in their new update for android OS. Google has recently declared in Google I/O that they are bringing new version ot it’s mobile platform named Android M. Android M is going to replace Android Lollipop.

Though android lollipop is not old yet Google has said that they are going to bring android M later this year.

Google says they are not going to change the interface rather better functionality and better performance. People who are afraid that they need to learn the features again at the new android OS need to remain calm as it is not going to be like that. Google is focused on the performance and better functionality only.

Google’s one of the main target is to improve the battery life. Google is using the accelerator to improve the battery life on android phone or tablets. It’s smart technology will kill te processes which are not used for a while and it will put the phone on deep sleep if it has not been moved or used for a long time. That’s a great thing.

Just like other OS release, Google’s Android M also offers a bran new wallpaper for the users. Lollipop brought a huge change in the wallpaper section. However, android M is not like lollipop as they are focused on the improvements and as a result we have to be happy with one wallpaper only. However, there might be few new releases in future.

This new stock wallpaper of Android M is a picture of a satellite image of a costal area. We have provided the Jpeg Version of the image and high quality PNG version in the link below. These are really high quality Android M Stock Wallpaper. Download and use them as wallpaper on your android phone or tablet.

Download Android M Stock Wallpaper

Download Android M Stock Wallpaper

Download Android M Wallpaper (High Quality PNG Version) 


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