Download Android M System Apps (Launcher, Camera, Ringtone, Boot Animation)

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Download Android M System Apps (Launcher, Camera, Ringtone, BooT Animation)

Google has been fantastic for the last couple of years. Google has reinvented the mobile industry with it’s brilliant innovations and dedication of bringing new technology and features. This is why I am really liking Google’s new updates.

Google has introduced many things in the Google I/O 2015 including Project Doze & Project Brillo and a lots of important stuffs about Android.

Google has made some awesome features in Google M which can be tested on the Nexus 5, Nexus 6 , Nexus 9. In order to do that you need to install them by installing the developer preview image. Most of the users has said that Andrid M is stable. Though there are some bugs as it is still in beta stage but it’s been fantastic to most of the users.

However there are some features that are not activate yet, as this is still not announced officially by the GOogle.

Don’t have Nexus Devices? Oh buddy, don’t worry. XDA is always there to save our a$$ in these issues. Developers at XDA has ported the most important system application from the system image and they made it compatible and available for the Android Lollipop and Kitkat devices.

Who is eligible to use System Apps of Android M?

  • Device running on Lollipo
    Device running on KitKat

Most of these apps works with all devices including the stock android like LG UI,TouchWiz & HTC sense. Let’s download Android M system Apps.

Download Android M system Apps

Android M launcher: Velvet.apk

Android M Boot Animation:

Android M Ringtones:

Android M Music Player: Play-Music.apk

Google Camera lib files:

We hope that you really like these apps and don’t forget to drop your precious comments.

We are already working on a post about all the app of Android M. We will be making a dump of all the apps. However using that will be risky as there are some system apps that are not working properly or deactivated by Google. Stay tuned.


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