Download Dolby Digital Plus Audio Mod For Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Dolby Digital Plus

Galaxy Note 4 is popular for it’s awesome performance and it’s brilliant configuration. It is currently ruling the phablet market. It has some unique features which will blow your mind. This awesome device can be used as a gaming rig or personal assistant or watching movies. It has all the best features except the loudspeaker. That is the only weak point of Note 4. It’s speaker is pretty loud and the audio is flat which provides a bad music listening experience.

However, members at XDA have made an awesome fix for this by Installing Dolby Digital Plus audio and mod. Dolby is a very popular audio mod. Dolby digital is basically a software which will improve the audio quality. They have four preset profiles by default : Movie, Music, Game and voice. You can use these profiles and switch them anytime you want. The best part is that you can even create your own settings. Isn’t that amazing? Yahh I know that.

How to Install Dolby Digital Plus Audio Mod On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Please take a note that this is tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C variant only. And you have to have android 5.0.1 lollipop installed.

Step 1: At-first you have to download and instal a custom recovery on Samsaung Galaxy Note 4.

Step 2: Download Dolby Digital Plus by clicking this link

Step 3: Now , move the file that you downloaded to the internal storage of your phone

Step 4: Let’s turn off your Galaxy Note 4

Step 5: Now boot into recovery mode by pressing the volume up key, home & power buttons at the same time

Step 6: Now, select “Install ZIP from SD card” and find the audio mod

Step 7: Now do a wipe cache and dalvik cache

Step 8: Reboot your Note 4 and wait for it to open.

When it boots , go to the app drawer and you will see a Dolby Digital application on there. Now you can enjoy awesome music on your Note 4.


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