Download HTC One M9 Home Launcher,Gallery,Music Player Apps & Widgets

Download HTC One M9 Home Launcher, Keyboard, Gallery, Music Player Apps & Widgets

HTC One M9 is this years one of the best flagship by HTC. There are some awesome stuffs by HTC in this flagship. If you want to use those stuffs like Gallery, or launcher then you have good news that the developers are porting these stuffs for other devices.

If you want to enjoy the Sense Ui, HTC M9’s apps & widgets on your android phone then you are on the right place. By flashing these ported apps on your device you will be able to use these awesome stuffs. List of the contents of the flashable Zip:

  • HTC Gallery
  • HTC Weather
  • HTC Leyboard
  • HTC One M9 Home Launcher
  • HTC BlinkFeed
  • HTC Music Player
  • HTC Video Player
  • HTC FIle Manager
  • HTC Widgets: WiFi, Hotspot, GPS, Screen TImeout, Screen Brightness, Background Data, Auto Rotate

sense 7 theme stock



  • Rooted Android device with a custom recovery
  • Lollipop or at least Kitkat based ROM
  • Approximately 150MB free space on the system

How to install HTC Launcher, widgets:

These stuffs are packed into a flashable zip. It means that in order to have these stuffs on your android device you need to have a root and a custom recovery installed on your android device to be able to flash the flashable zip .

Method 1: Flashing via Recovery

Step 1 : Download the ported apps in flashable zip form here: HTC_one_M9_apps.zip

Step 2: Copy the file son your device

Step 3: Reboot your device into CWM/TWRP/PhilZ Recovery

Step 4: Let’s create a backup of your ROM using the Backup option

Step 5: Select the install option then navigate to HTC_one_M9_apps.zip and select it.

Step 6: Confirm the installation and patiently wait until it is flashed

Step 7: After flushing, reboot your device.

Method 2: Pushing the Apps using Root Browser

This method is for the people who don’t have a custom recovery installed on their android device. However, you can try pushing the apps into the System> Apps System> Priz-apps folder by using a root file browser app. One thing that you need to to note seriously is that there are a lot of proprietary files (lib.so) in the package that need to e pushed into the appropriate and correct directories. Otherwise it won’t work. Right after copying the files into the System directory you need to fix the permission to rw-r-r(0644) for for each of the files. Then you have to reboot the device. By the way, I highly recommend you to use the method 1.


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