Download Viper4Android APK For Lollipop Android 5.0 With Material Design

Download Viper4Android APK For Lollipop Android 5.0 With Material Design

There are many apps and mods for android right now. As an open source, android is welcoming anybody on the board and thus we the users are taking the full benefit of it. Viper4Android is currently the best audio mod for android phones & tablets. It has been available for the kitkat for a decent time. However, lollipop is taking the world from kitkat and thus the compatibility issues of Vipaer4Android with lollipop android 5.o emerges. If you are one of the viper4android users who uses it in kitkat and want to use it in Lollipop then we are going to help you.Not only the previous users but also people who want to be on board with viper4android is welcome.

Viper4Android for Lollipop is aiming to make sound experience better that it ever was. However, OEMs are working hard to deliver high-quality devices also. Most o the manufacturers are trying their best to offer powerful processors, high resolution screens, built-in speakers, more RAMs & more juice on the battery with improved features. Despite of providing awesome specs they are lacking in good quality music.

What is Viper4Android ?

Audio quality is the thing where android is losing and it is a very important factor for many users including the musicians. However, no need to worry about that as some talented developers created Viper4Android. It’s an audio mod for android devices. It improves audio quality in many ways. Let’s see some notable features:


Viper4Android Features:

  • Playback gain control can be used to make headphone quieter or louder
  • FireEqualizer can make better sound from the main speaker of the phone
  • Viper-DDC makes balanced audio from your android devices headphones
  • Makes smooth audio
  • Makes clear audio
  • Fidelity Control gives more bass

Viper4Android is very popular audio mod for the users and it has been trusted by millions of android users. As the android is developing, viper4android is also. Recently the VIper4Android mod has been updated to work on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Lollipop has introduced new ART runtime system which requires all apps to e support the new system.

At the beginning this mod had not materialistic design as the developer was so busy. However, the users from the forum took the work into their hands and they modified it to include some material design goodness. It’s like the same as the official mod but it contains Material Design UI. Let’s see how to install the viper4android.

How to install Viper4Android audio mod

Remember this tutorial is for the Android 5.0 Lollipop users. One thing that need to be mentioned is that NuPlayer should be disabled. Just in case if it is enabled go to Settings> Developer Options and Unchecl “NuPlayer”.

This mod comes in two variants. First one is Material Dark and second one is Material Light [WHite]. In order to have it you can either install the APK file or you can just flash the zip file in recovery.

Install Viper4Android Material Design APK

1. At-first you have to download the mod APK file: Dark APK or Light APK

2. Now go to settings then tap on Security and enable the “Unknown Sources”

3. Now, move the APK file to your android phone’s internal storage and then install the app

Install Viper4Android Material Design ZIP

1. Let’s download the Mod zip file here: Dark Theme zip or Light Theme ZIP

2. Now, move the zip file to your phone and boot your phone into recovery

3. Now flash the zip file

4. Reboot your android phone

Voila !!! you have successfully installed Viper4Android on your android phone. You can now have awesome audio quality from your android phone.  See XDA.


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