How to Root LG G3 on Android Lollipop & Install TWRP Recovery

How to Root LG G3 on Android Lollipop & Install TWRP Recovery

LG G3 users are very lucky to have a Lollipop update. However, there were no root method to use Android 5.0 lollipop as the previous root exploits was patched by LG. But android’s beauty is being the open source and ditching manyfacturers patches. Right after the lollipop update for LG G3, a developer named topek2k12001 from XDA made a rooting process where you have to downgrade to KitKat & Flash the rooted Lollipop ROM to the LG G3 using TWRP.

It is working on the models of LG G3

D850 (AT&T)
D855 (International)
D852 (Canadian)
D858HK (Dual Sim)

However you can check this rooting method to other LG G3 models also.

Note: After rooting your warranty will be void
You take all the responsibility of rooting. If any damages happens then it’s none of our concern. Proceed at your own risk.



  1. AT-first you need to disable the OTA updates on your LG G3 : How to Disable OTA Update on LG G3 Without Root
  2. Now extract the firmware by following this guide
  3. Backup LG G3 EFS partition by following these instructions 
  4. Now copy the followinf files onexternal SD CardAndroid lolipop ststem.img , boot.img, modem.img
    Sharpening Mod Script
    Bump’d TWRP
    Tool to flash the extracted .img files
  5. After these create a folder named “flash2” in your devices internal storage & then copy following files on that foldersystem.img
  6. Now copy these file on internal storageFlash2Boot.zip
    Mump’d TWRP
    Sharpening Mod Script

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Turn off LG G3. Then boot into TWRP Recovery. As you have got the Bump’d TWRP image copid in the devicem it will boot into TWRPNow hold the volume button down with Power button till you see LG logo
  2. Release the buttons then press the both volume down and power buttons at the same time again
  3. Now you will see this factory reset screenLG G3 Recovery Mode
  4. You need to select yes and then it will boot into TRWP mode
  5. Install the TWRP by tapping on Install button. Then navigate to Flash2Modem.zip & install it
  6. Use flash repeat for Flash2Boot.zip & Flash2Modem also
  7. Now flash the Sharpening Mod Script and select desired sharpening level. After that go through the wizard and thus your boot.img will be bump’d
  8. You will see a FINISHED message and you should select NEXTroot LG G3 screen
  9. Now you will be prompted to reboot your LG G3. Don’t reboot it, just exit the script
  10. Go to TWRP main mein & tap Reboot > System
  11. Right after you will see that “SuperSU is not installed” and you will be prompted to install it
  12. Install SuperSU by swiping th slider on the bottom of the screen

If you want to see a video tutorial then watch this

Source: xDA


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