How to Unlock HTC One M9 Bootloader

How to Unlock HTC One M9 Bootloader

Rooting is fun. Yesh !!! You heard it right. Rooting is fun to me. If you are into rooting then you should know that you need to unlock the bootloader first. If you want to root your HTC One M9 then you need to unlock the bootloader on your HTC device first.

If you are new into rooting then you might be wondering about the benefits of unlocking bootloader. There are may benefits of unlocking bootloader on your phone. By unlocking bootloader you will be able to use custom recoveries & root your android device. Most important benefit is to install custom ROMs on your android device. There are many developers who are trying their best to make awesoem custom ROMs for android handsets. You can even use these custom ROMs on your HTC One M9. However, the process of unlocking the bootloader for HTC handsets are same. You can use this guide to unlock any HTC devices.


  • This will void the warranty of your HTC One M9. You will not get any support under your warranty
  • All the datas will be deleted during the process. We recommend you to take a backup of these data & restore them later
  • We won’t take any responsibility for any damage or problem.Take the risk by yourself.


Charge your phone to at least 80%

How to take Backup of Important data:

If you have important files on your HTC One M9 and want to take a backup then take a backup of those important files. Store those backup files to PC or Cloud storage. See the best Cloud storage for android here: Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Don’t Forget to Install the Latest driver on PC

In order to proceed with unlocking the bootloader , you need to have working driver installed on your Windows computer to unlock bootloader of your HTC One M9

Bootloader Unlocking Tools

Download ADB & Fastboot file for HTC One M9

How to Unlock Bootloader on HTC One M9 :Step By Steps

  1. Go to HTC Dev site and register a account there
  2. Then you need to verify your email address from your email inbox. They will send you an email regarding the verification, just go with the flow and it will verify your email adress
  3. Follow this link and login with your account details. Let’s click on the Unlock bootloader & click Get started.
  4. Now, disconnect your phone from the Computer and boot it into Bootloader mode :
    1. Switch off your phone and wait till display is off
    2. Now, press & hold VOlume Down+ Power on the same times untill you see Locked on the top of the screen
  5. Use your Volume down key to navigate to “Boot to Download Mode” and press power button to select it
  6. Go the the folder where you downloaded the adb_and_fastboot_files.zip file. Extract it now.
  7. Open a command windows there by pressing shift and clicking right button on a empty space. It will look something like this : How to open command window
  8. Go to the command prompt and type
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token
    Now you will see a long text of token. You have to copy this token text. Start highlighting the block of text from <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> and ending with <<<< Identifier Token End>>>> Right click on the highlighted text to copy. See the image for help: Token
  9. If it say <info> instead of <bootloader> , don’t worry because the process is same
  10. Visit this link: Here Scroll down to the bottom and you will see MY DEVICE IDENTIFIER TOKEN. Now press the previously copied token here/ Press submit . One thing to remember that copy & paste the token directly from the Command Prompt Window to the webpage directly. I mean do not copy and past it anywhere else but directly on the webpage. identifier token
  11. After all this you will receive an email from GTCDev with Unlock_code.bin attached with the email. Download that Unlock_code.bin and transfer it the extracted folder of adb_and_fastboot_files.zip
  12. Now close the command prompt window and open again. Type the code below

    fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

  13. You will see an warning regarding asking you to confirm the Bootloader Unlock. Use the volume up button to navigate to it and press Power Button to select it.HTC One M9 will reboot and when it reboots the bootloader will be unlocked, thus you can do any flashing or modding. Right after it fully boots up you can disconect it from computer.
  14. Now boot your HTC One M9 in to Bootloader Mode to check if it is unlocked or not. It should say ***Unlocked*** at the top of screen.

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