Best Lollipop Based Custom ROMs For LG G3

Best Lollipop Based Custom ROMs For LG G3

Are you looking for the best custom ROMs for LG G3? Want to have the best custom ROMs based on Android 5.0 lollipop for your LG G3. We were looking for them also and we made a good list out of them. If you have not received the lollipop update then you need can always use these lollipop based custom ROMs for LG G3. You can root your LG G3 and use these awesome custom ROMs in your LG G3. We have tried to provide the best features of these custom ROMs by mentioning them

#1. CloudyG3 2.0

CloudyG3 2.2

CloudyG3 is a popular custom rom for LG G3 and it is based on lollipop. It offers almost all goodies offered by Google in Android 5.0 lollipop. The best part of this custom ROM for LG G3 is that it is debloated and it is pre-rooted. Yes you heard it right, it is pre-rooted. It has lots of features for the users along with the de-sharpening display, busybox, init.d support. You can even tweak the audio with ViPER4Android. This offers excellent widgets on weather also. See thread of XDA

Notable Features: 

  1. Based on Lollipo Android 5.0
  2. Aroma Installer
  3. Debloated
  4. Pre-rooted
  5. LG G3 camera
  6. Full screen weather widget
  7. De-sharpening display
  8. ViPER4Android

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#2. LiquidSmooth V4.0


If you are into rooting then youmust have heard of LiquidSmooth. They are very popular custom ROMs for a long time. I have used this custom rom in some of my previous handset and I was fully satisfied. The best part of this ROM is that liquidsmooth brings the stock beauty of Android 5.0 lollipop. You will be able to modify your LG G3 the way you want. The developers of this ROM is working very hard to give the best oit of it. This custom ROM is based on Lollipop android 5.0.

LiquidSmooth ROM Screenshots:

LiquidSmooth V4.0

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#3. ChupaChups Rom

ChupaCHups is the name of a popular lollipop & confectionery brand. This ROM is based on Android 5.0 , Lollipop. The creator of this ROM claims that it was intended to be as stock as possible. It provides enough tweak & features which are not part of LG itself. This is why this is a very popular custom ROM for LG G3.

The best part of this custom ROM is that it is rooted & de-bloated. Another special feature is that it allows you to write your apps to microSD card. Need more? Well, it has OTA (Over the air) updates. What else you can ask for? XDA thread here : XDA

Notable Features:

  1. Based On Android 5.0 Lollipop
  2. Rooted
  3. De-bloated
  4. Lollipop SD Internal Error Fix
  5. ViPER4Android support
  6. Smooth scrolling mod
  7. OTA Updates

ChupaChups Rom Screenshots:

ChupaCHups Rom

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#4. Resurrection Remix Rom

Resurrection Remix ROM

THis custom ROM for LG G3 is based on Cyanogenmod 12 which is itself based on ANdroid Lollipop 5.0. However, with various types of features it has become on of the popular custom ROMs for LG G3. Not only it offers many features but also it offers tweaking & mods. See the XDA thread here: XDA


  1. Battery Mods
  2. Lock-screen Shortcuts
  3. Cloak Color options
  4. Quick-smart pull down
  5. Stable performance
  6. Strong Battery Life
  7. Overall speed up system

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#5. Android Now HD ROM

android now HD 7

Another popular custom ROM for LG G3 (D855). This custom ROM is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you want to jump onto lollipop then you can install this custom rom. It has plenty of features that can make you fall for love for it and ditch the original stock.

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