Play flash videos on android : Photon Flash Player & browser

Playing flash videos on android must be a problematic task for most people. But after reading this article you will be able to play the flash videos easily on your android device.

I have tried many browsers to visit sites which requires flash. After trying many browsers I have finally found this browser names Photon. Although it is ad supported and bombers users with ad yet I will say photon browser is the best to handle flash in android. It’s flash player is one of the best in the market.

This browser can handle the javascript so easily that your browsing experience will increase rapidly. The most important thing that matters is that users can use flash without installing any kind of plugin. They can play not only flash videos but game & websites also.

You can browse the web normally but when you need to use the flash than you have to click on the thunder sign on the right top corner of the browser. It is really a cool browser to play flash videos on android.


  • It provides unlimited tab supports
  • Play video in full screen
  • You can bookmark the sites
  • Incognito mode allowed
  • Desktop request allowed
  • Ad blocker supporter


  • It’s free version contains ad
  • In order to remove the ad you have to but the pro version

 Download here : CLICK HERE


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