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How to Fix Wifi Connectivity Problem In LG G4

LG G4 is an amazing handset but it does faces some problem time to time. One of the problem faced by this is the wifi connectivity problem. This can be annoying sometimes. However, we have got some of the potential solutions to fix wifi problems of LG G4. How to Fix Wifi Connectivity Problem In […]

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How To Fix Bluetooth Issue On LG G4

LG G4 is an amazing handset with many features. It has a brilliant spec with a brilliant body. This smartphone has become very popular, and many people are using this phone. Even though this is an amazing handset but this smartphone has some problems too. Some of the users have complained that they are having […]

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How to Turn Off Auto Correct On LG G4

Auto correct option is invented to reduce the pressure of creating spelling mistakes. However, sometimes auto correct can be annoying. If you are one of them and want to stop the auto correct to function you can follow this article If you want to disable the auto-correct function on your LG G4 then we can […]

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Top Best Cases For LG G4 2015

LG G4 is an awesome handset with very powerful hardware. It’s 5.5 inches display with very beautifully crafted device is catching everybodies eye. It’s a beutiful handset and it should be kept as beautiful. In order to keep the beauty of LG G4 , you can use case and covers. These cases and covers for […]

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