Viber supports video calling now

Viber was bought by Japanese retailing giant Rakuten in 2014. After their this is the first time viber is getting a major update. So hangout is not the only one to get a major update but viber also. However this new version is 5.0 for viber. In this version viber will get a new look for both the android phone and tablet also. The biggest surprise is that viber is getting video support meaning it supports video calling.

This new interface is pretty cool and it is more streamlined. It is still brightly purple. They changed the dialer color to black and they re organized the contacts page to make it clear for the user to understand whether they are viewing viber contacts,phone contacts or using viber out. In this new viber 5.0 version you can add contact via a QR code scan. People who don’t know viber , viber is a free app which allows you to chat ,call,video chat and use VOIP to mobile or land phone with charge.

Viber video calling

VIber video call

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