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How To Install Note 5 ROM In Galaxy S6 (Ported ROM)

How To Install Note 5 ROM In Galaxy S6 (Ported ROM) : Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has some new touchwiz features which might be loved by other Samsung device users. This new ROM of Samsung galaxy Note 5 has been ported for the Samsung Galaxy S6. This new Toucwiz has some amazing features like SideSynce 4.0 which […]

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How To Prevent StageFright Virus On Android

There is a new virus in the Android block which can read, copy, move or delete all the data in your android smartphone with a simple text message. This new virus has been named as StageFright. Today we will teach you how to remove StageFright from Android smartphone. Even though people are not concerned yet, […]

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How to Fix Wifi Connectivity Problem In LG G4

LG G4 is an amazing handset but it does faces some problem time to time. One of the problem faced by this is the wifi connectivity problem. This can be annoying sometimes. However, we have got some of the potential solutions to fix wifi problems of LG G4. How to Fix Wifi Connectivity Problem In […]

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Download ‎Huawei‬ Honor 7‬ Stock Wallpapers

Huawei has been making amazing android phones with powerful specification. They have a android series named “Honor”. previously the released some of the android smartphones on that banner name and now they are once in the market with their new Honor 7. Huawei Honor 7 has a brilliant stylish aluminium alloy exterior. With brilliant and […]

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