Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen Apk

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen Apk

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen Apk

Good news fellas. The Lock Screen of Galaxy S6 has been ported for other devices. In this thread we will teach you about how to download & install Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen in your android device.

Samsung has introduced some awesome apps on it’s new Galaxy S6. There are some new apps which are creating buzz on the market. Many android users are waiting for the ported version of the Galaxy S6 Screen Lock. Finally the Galaxy S6 Screen Lock APk is available at the market.

A member from XDA developers made it possible to use the Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen to work in all android devices. It doesn’t matter whether you are using touchwiz or not, you can use Galaxy S6 Lock Screen on your android device.

This ported lock screen app contains weather widget, camera & dialer shortcut icons also. In order to get the Galaxy S6 lock screen on your android mobile you have to follow the tutorial below


Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen

Download APKTool

How to install Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen an any Android Devices

Step 1: Download the File from above link

Step 2: Right after downloading it you have to move the file to a separate folder in your android.

Step 3: Now search for the file SystemUI.apk and decompile it using APKTool

Step 4: After that you need to navigate to res/drawable-xxhdpi and copy here the PNG files in my zip/drawable-xxhdpi

Step 5: Now, go to the res/drawable-sw360dp-xxhdpi and copy here all the PNG files in my res/drawable-sw360dp-xxhdpi.

Step 6: Recompile the APK file

Step 7: Transfer the recompiled APK file to system/priv-app and set the correct & proper permission

Step 8: Reboot and you will see the samsung Galaxy S6 Lock screen running on your android device

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I’m find res folder. but not find subfolder drawable?
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