100+ Google Now Voice Commands For You to Use

Google Now Voice Commands

Google Now is becoming more popular day by day. You just say “Ok Google” and it starts listening to your voice. However, did you just say anything or you know how to use Google Now properly. You will be surprised to know that there are many “Ok Google” voice commands that can help you to make the best out of “Google Now”. Today we will be sharing some of those awesome voice commands for “OK Google”. One important thing to remember is that if Google Now doesn’t get the proper voice command than you can correct it by saying “No, I said…” . Thus you can go with saying the correct voice command again. Let’s see the voice command for the “Google Now”.

100+ Google Now Voice Commands For You to Use

General Information

  • How old is [Hugh Jackman]?
  • Where was [Bruce Wayn] born?
  • Define [computer]?
  • What time is it in [Utah]
  • Search for [android tips]
  • Show me pictures of [Pisa Tower]
  • Do I need an umbrella today? What’s the weather like? What’s the weather on [London] [this weekend]?
  • What’s [19 meter] in [feet] What is [7 ounces] in [liters]?
  • What the [Facebook] stock price? What is [Google] trading at?
  • What’s [878] divided by [8.4] (Google Now can solve many math equations)
  • Search [Reddit] for [kitten pictures]
  • Search for [java]
  • Say [A movie theater] in [French]
  • How do you say [hello] in [Bengali]?
  • What is [love]?
  • Who invented [calculator]?
  • What is the meaning of [beautiful]
  • Who is married to [Bad pitt]?
  • Author of [Da Vinci COde]?
  • How old is [Christiano Ronaldo]?
  • Show me pictures of [machu piccu]
  • Post to Google+ [I’m loving it]
  • Post to twitter [Listening to beautiful piano songs]


  • Take a [picture/photo/selfie]
  • Record a video
  • Open Hangout
  • Open [calender]
  • Launch [Hangouts]

Device CControl

  • Open [android2u.com]
  • Turn on [wi-fi,blue tooth]


  • Set alarm at [7.00 A.M]
  • Set a timer for [30 minutes]
  • What’s the tip for [189 dollars]?
  • Remind me to [take my medicine at 9 P.M](you can say locations like ) Remind me to buy [groceries at Aldi]
  • What is my schedule for tomorrow?
  • What’s my day look like [Saturday]
  • Where’s my package? [proper tracking information must be at Gmail]
  • Make a note [do laundry at 7 A.M]
  • Find Darla’s [phone number] (works with all info in your contacts-address,birthdays,etc.)
  • Show my bills
  • What are my bills due this week

Time and Date

  • When is the sunset in [New York]?
  • What time is it in [Utah]?
  • Time at [home/work]?
  • What is the timezone of [United Kingdom]


  • Call [mom/dad/uncle] (Relationship status must be added in your contacts]
  • Send [SMS] to [Joshua] , [wanna play a game online]?
  • Find [Kloe’s] [email address/address/phone number]
  • When is [Chiku’s] birthday?


  • What is the temperature today
  • Do I need an umbrella today?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • What’s the weather in [Michigan]?
  • How’s the weather in [San Francisco]?

Maps & Navigation

  • Map of [Paris]
  • Where’s my hotel?
  • Find the [Time’s square]
  • Where is [Silicon Valley]?
  • How far is [Utah] from [Washington]
  • What are some attractions in [New York City]?
  • Navigate to [New York] on car


  • Show me the menu for [Pizza King]
  • Call [Louvre museum]
  • What is [50 dollar] in [peso]?
  • What’s the flight status of [United] flight [456]
  • Convert [dollar] to [yen]
  • What are some attractions here?
  • Show my flight infotravel command for google now


  • Play [metaphor] (sing have to be in your Google play music)
  • Listen to TV
  • That’s this song?
  • Next Song/Pause song
  • Play some music (opens “I am feeling lucky”)
  • Read [Lord of the rings]
  • Did the [Yankees] win today? what’s the score in [champions league] game?
  • What movies are playing [tonight]? Where is [Interstellar] playing?
  • watch [daredevil]google now cards

Flight information

  • Flight [AA 193]
  • Has [ku 182] landed?
  • Show me my flights
  • Flight status of [BB 213]

Easter Eggs / Funny Stuffs

  • When am I?
  • Flip a coin
  • Do a barrel roll
  • make me a sandwich
  • What’s the loneliest number?
  • Sudo, make me a sandwich!
  • Til/askew
  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
  • Up up down down left right left right
  • Tea, Earl Grey, hot
  • Go go gadget [app name]
  • What does the fox say?
  • What is the Bacon number of [random actor]?
  • When does the narwhal bacon?
  • Who’s on first?
  • Lions, and Tigers, and Bears
  • Who are you?
  • What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
  • Beam me up, Scotty !!!


If you are in a hurry then voice commands might not be very useful, bu they are surely funny sometimes. You can use different voice caommand rather then using these and you will be surprised to see how “google Now’ understands your query and phrases. It’s an awesome mobile technology and we should make the best out of it.
Did we missed any voice commands? If yes, then why don’t you post them at comments? Please do us a favor 🙂


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